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    TotalConversion Compile Help Plz

    I have the content setup as per the UDN/Epic Improved Mod Support Webpage:

    I also use ConTEXT for compiling. I learned how to use ConTEXT from the DVD edition VTM's. So in the EnvironmentOptions>ExecuteKeys I set the "Parameters" to the package name that I want to compile, press "F9" and it compiles my package throught a simple .bat file.

    Now I am trying to compile a package for a total conversion mod. I added the -mod=MyMod switch to the .bat and it compiles MyMod jsut fine...but that's the problem, it compiles the WHOLE THING. What am I doing wrong that I lost control to compile only one package?

    Further detail on my issue:

    I have:

    So I try to compile JUST MyModVehicles...but it compiles ALL of my packages. Any insight as to what I may be doing wrong would be much appreciated. If someone needs more info on my set up I'll be more than happy to provide any info.

    A package is only compiled if 2 conditions are met.

    1. Is the package in the editpackages list?
    2. Does the package not exist?

    If condition 1 isnt met it will never look for that package thus never compile it.

    If condition 2 is not met it will skip compiling the package. A package is only compiled if it doesnt exist.

    So, if you want to only compile one package you must set your .bat file to only delete that package before compiling. If it is compiling all packages then your .bat file is set to delete all of your packages.


      My bet is you're compiling at least half a dozen vehicles and over a hundred classes there. Have you considered splitting your work up in a different manner?

      I made an entirely new "build" package for just the stuff I'm currently working on. Compiles 10 times as fast, and when it spits an error I can find it without searching through an output list a mile long. When it's all done, I move it into the "done" package.

      I also commented out all unnecessary packages in the EditPackages, leaving me with just a handful. That totally sped up compiling as well.


        Xyx are you saying u made a new UCC.exe?


          No way, I just copied my UT2004.ini and commented out all unnecessary EditPackages.


            Jackson and Xyx,

            Thanks for the replies. Jackson that is exactly the issue I was having. I now have control over what I am doing again, thank you.

            Xyx, I have in the past made my own copy of UT2004.ini to speed up compiling by cutting down the list of EditPackages=. I now am faced with some issues of not exactly being sure what I can cutdown, but I will look into this.

            Can EditPackages= get the old "//" in front of it so it is ignored?


              Originally posted by Magnum76
              Can EditPackages= get the old "//" in front of it so it is ignored?
              The symbol you are looking for (comment for ini files) is...


                Oh lol, im an idiot :bulb:



                  Once again if not for you, I would not be the coder I am today. Thanks for the assist.