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    Need some help please!

    Ok What I am trying to do is make a weapon that looks like the redeemer, but uses the shells that the bombers use "onslaughtfull.onsautobomberbomb" I want it to be a rapid fire though. I tried this by making the max ammo of the redeemer 100 that seemed to work at first I was able to fire, but then I'd have to wait for the missle to blow up then fire another. So I made "AmmoPerFire" 100 also thinking the it'd let me rapid fire. It then showed 100 ammo, then when I shot it it ran out of ammo... I summoned another and I couldn't shoot. So I tried changing the class it extends off of Assault Rife. It said somethin about superammo not found in AssaultRifeFire or something. So I made my fire reffer back to Redeemer it let me fire 1 time again. I've tried almost all I can think of while typing I got a few last ideas. Please if anyone can help me. Help!

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    Ok I've got it to be able to have more shots at once... anyway to increase the speed I can shoot?