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DeBug *u Files For Patch Version 3355

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    DeBug *u Files For Patch Version 3355

    Here is the link for the Debug *u files for Patch Version 3339.

    But are there any Debug *u files for Patch Version 3355? If so were?


    1.) If I want to downgrade my patch from 3355 to 3339, can I simply just apply the 3339 patch over the 3355?

    2.) I am tyring to add AirPower III & UT2004 Navy to my maps, but with 3355 I keep getting an error "Function Missing: Engine.Vehicle.Tick" and "Physics Volume Change". AirPowerIII was compiled I think with 3339. So thats the reason I may downgrade. But here's the question? If I have a Dedicated server running V3339 and clients connect using Patch V 3355, will they get this error? Will there be a problem?

    With this error the Engine.Vehicle.Tick is being set to NULL. What this does is makes the Jet Engines automaticlly stay on at the time of spawn. If I place them as a pawn, they spawn with Engines on also.

    I've been trying to get help on this in hoping I could do some coding and compiling to fix it. The Author is heavily involved with the next version AirPower 4 and is suffering from health problems.

    Well thats about it for now, you can see my Request for help over at 3DBUZZ along with a screenshot of the error.

    A higher version of the Unreal patch should never result in null's and such, so your problem is odd to say the least. Will it cause problems on 3355 patches, well if it's the mod (and not something else you installed) then yes

    I'm not sure why 3355 is not vailable yet, either Epic is too busy, or there was no changes made to the UScript (which is VERY possible)


      I found out from reading that the funtion Engine.Vehicle.Tick is now "Native" Monarch didn't code using this in mind, I guess because he didn't know at the time of compile this would be changed at core level at a later date. I was just wondering what I could do to fix this so I wouldn't have to downgrade at all?