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    Looking to learn something?

    Name: Killing Floor
    Version: Final 1.0
    Compatibility: UT2004 (makes use of some things that don't like OpenGL)
    Description: Survival-Horror
    Comments: Read explanation below
    Download: From above homepage

    This was posted in the beta release forums of the user maps & mods (not 100% sure why- BAD Alex!) and I am crossposting it here since a lot of newer users spend some time here.

    You know the best way to teach someone to swim? Toss them in 8 feet of water. If they live, they know how to swim. Do you believe in this philosophy? Would you like the chance to learn-as-you-go by taking on a project with plenty of work to be done and a knowledgable coder by your side teaching you the ropes? Well, that's good, because I'm a coder for a mod by the name of Killing Floor which released a demo not too long ago, and I have hundreds of simple things that need doing, and I just don't have the time, with the more major undertakings the project requires right now! It'd be much easier to help someone else- someone intelligent, with a passion for quality- learn to do these things, and gain through this a quality coder who will assist the project in the future! Interested? Here's what I need from you:

    1. Dedication- this project is going to take up some of your free time. Neither me or Alex (project leader/art director) is going to mind if you have a life, a job, summer school, or what-have-you, but we need to see results regularly. And more than that, we need you to be with us three months from now.

    2. Basic knowledge- If you need a walkthrough about what a function or while loop is, for god's sake, don't sign up! If you're a little sketchy on the unreal weapons system, that makes two of us. At the very least, you should be able to refer to UDN and the wiki and get the hang of most things we ask you to do (we won't ask you to do anything outside your capability, but we might have a different opinion of what you're capable of than you do), but I'm here the rest of the time.

    3. A thingy. Something you've done before that you think is kind of neat. IT doesn't even have to be 100% finished, it just needs to show off your competence. Just... show me a thing.

    To get in touch with me about joining the project, email me at sdb036000 DOT utdallas AT edu (unnecessary scrambling intentional), or via aim (sn: slinky730) or msn (, or through the forums linked at the above project homepage.

    By the way, I invite you all to visit our forums, download our demo, etc.

    I just played a quick round. Decent!


      Thanks- it's just getting better. We've added in a buy system between rounds, rehashed the spawning so that zombies spawn in groups and changed the algorithm for picking where to dump them, so the pressure's always on. It's going really well, but the art is almost finished, the 5 levels are done, and I'm still plodding through code, so I need someone to pick up the slack.


        Yeah I just emailed ya.


          The position has been filled. Killing Floor would like to welcome both cknight and Iron_Legend to the mod team.