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Raptor rip for my Dropship

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    I'm no modeller, but yes, it needs bones. It needs bones for where the guns are attached, at the very least.

    Do you want those guns to move? (note 1: they won't be able to aim worth a **** if they can't at least move up and down) If so, you'll need a bone in the guns as well. (note 2: you'll need three lines of code in the Dropship class if you want both guns to move separately - I can help you there)

    Check the Raptor code for wherever it says "bone" and you'll see which bones you need.

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    Cheers Xyx, if u check this post I made then u can see my dropship.

    Ideally Id like the lasers or a rocket coming from the guns. Im just confused about where to start with a flying vehicle. Do you add any bones to it in maya? What do you export out of unrealED?

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    Are you sure you want a Raptor copy? It's relatively easy to install other weapons (such as miniguns, lasers or cannons) as long as you pick something that can be mostly copied from existing stuff.

    If you want "a flying vehicle with some weapons", then you don't need all of the Raptor stuff. Just ONSAttackCraft, ONSWeapon and some fiddling with defaultproperties, and some simple stuff like a copy of ONSAttackCraftFactory and a few of its DamTypes.

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  • started a topic Raptor rip for my Dropship

    Raptor rip for my Dropship

    I'm making an attempt at coding the dropship I modelled and I was wondering if this is all the code I will be modifying. I basically want to rip the Raptor and apply it to my dropship.


    Also what do I output the model in Maya as? Static mesh or make a character set and output an Anims. Cheers.