Heyo agains, I gave up ons cripting for a while and got back to my true area of expertise, 3d modeling =3 been modeling since i was 8.

anyways, I made a mini dragon model for players who choose the dragon race and make a new character. When making the animations, I made 5 attacking animations to start with, 3 of which consist of different anims for regular melee attack (claws, bite, head butt) and an animation for 2 special attacks, not important atm. My question is, I have no idea how the Hit check works in ut2k4...does it automatically wrap a square to the model? is it pre-defined? user-defined? what...

I need this info for 2 purposes

1.to check if the dragon is sucessfully hit, then on to dodge rate and w/e, maybe take damage

2. I want to make the dragon, since he is relativley small compared to a human (top of his head about up to their knees, when standing on all fours), attack using 1 of 3 random animations mentioned above. but problem being that his attack, if Im not mistaken, would be counted as firing from up above him, where a normal height gun would fire from....then again, I'm not sure if im thinking OOP....one concept ive yet to confirm : is the Rocket object in the world jsut an animation? or is it the actual OOP projectile? if so, would the dragons mouth/claws/head count as the projectile???