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Replication Problem (Having fuction replicate to ALL clients...)

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    Replication Problem (Having fuction replicate to ALL clients...)

    Ok, I have a ONSWeapon that attaches whatever vehicle it points to to the vehicle it's on.... (now on called the 'hook')
    This works almost 100% issue free in SP games (the lights get left behind, and I have to make the driver dissapear in vecs like the Manta, else he floats there)

    In network games I have the following problem

    The driver of the hook sees the vehicle attach, the player indicator moves with it and the lights are left behind (something I can fix eventually). (actually it works almost perfect)

    The person who's vec is picked up, finds himself locked (sometimes he's not locked) in place in his vec... All his shots orginate from the point where the hook is. If he leaves his vec, the vec gets attached all of a sudden to the hook, and he exits at that point..., if the hook drops his vehcile, he finds himself instantly TP'd to the point of the hook and his vec drops from there.

    Someone else watchin another player's vec get hooked sees the vec hooked, but the driver is left behind, rotating inside the left behind lights...

    So the probelm is:

    The clientside function only replicates on the machine that owns the hook, I need it to replicate on ALL machines... how do I do this (will post code if you need to see it..)

    i should add any vehicle without a driver is picked up issue free on all machines, it's only when it has a driver that there are problems...