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    Admin Console Command Question

    I have UT2004 retail but my friend still have the demo. I'm messing with him with admin commands, i'm just wondering if there is a way to apply then each time he spawns instead of having to type it each time he dies?


    > admin set pawn jumpz 10000

    If he die, i have to type it again, is there a way to let it always at this value?

    I don't believe the demo would allow even a simple mutator for that. I think your best choice, considering you have to work within the confines of the demo, is to bind it to a key.

    set input (whatever) (your admin command)

    then you can just easily press that key each time he gets whacked.

    With the full version this would be no problem but the demo is very limited, to the best of my memory, on doin' anything special like so.

    Sorry bro--- unless someone else can think of something...

    edit: i understand you have retail but ur demo friend wont be able to join with custom mutators enabled


      I say just buy it, i couldnt believe after i baught it how muched i missed in the two months i played it in XD


        lol, I saw UT2004 on sale at walmart a week ago for $9.99, normal $19.99. Just go get a copy of the retail, I won't break the bank.


          Re: Admin Console Command Question

          Originally posted by Neomaster
          > admin set pawn jumpz 10000
          *maybe* (not tested and don't know the syntax for 'set') you should try to set the pawn.default.jumpz so that every spawned pawn in the current match gets the right value


            naw u cant change the defaul in game, i wish you could do set xpawn.~.~
            its: admin set xpawn jumz # tahts it


              Thanks, xpawn keeps the settings when someone dies

              Another question. Let say i have this:


              If i use admin set xweapons.assaultrifle firemodeclass etc...etc... it change the first one, if i add the (1) it won't affect it, any way to change the (1) one?


                nope, cant change arrays, something else i wish, but if u just do: admin set Assaultrifle FireModeClass , you can change (1) but i think the console wont let u.'
                [EDIT] Its fun to do this XD:
                Admin set xPawn RequiredEquipment "xWeapons.Redeemer"
                Admin set RedeemerAmmo InitialAmount 999
                Admin set RedeemerAmmo MaxAmmo 999

                FUN AS H*LL!