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First WeaponMod Help Needed!

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    You can't do it unless you modify the xPawn code.

    Damage Types have:


    Which is only used for Death velocity, not hit on ragdolls (dead bodies) only the

    RagDeathVel = 300

    which is in the pawn class moves dead bodies, not the damage type info. So while the Shield gun may kick you up when you die, it won't hardly affect a dead body.

    You would need to modify the xPawn code:

    State Dead{

    function TakeDamage(){.....}


    to make your weapon push dead bodies like it does live bodies.

    You could how ever add a modifier to your weapon code to double even tripple the mometum transfer on dead bodies (Health < 1) that may help.

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    Some weapons contain Karma-Death-Speed-values in their default properties. Shieldgun for example (notice how it kicks you up upon suicide? It's higher than you could go with shield-jump alone).

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    Momentum works on corpses as well, but you'll need to set your Physics Detail to High. It's not a matter of coding.

    200 damage and huge push is a matter of increasing the DamageMin/DamageMax and Momentum defaultproperties.

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  • started a topic First WeaponMod Help Needed!

    First WeaponMod Help Needed!


    (I asked the same thing on 3dbuzz today, but i ain't getting an answer, so I posted it here)

    I've created the very simple ConcussionRifle from the VTM's. Now what I want to do, is that it takes like 200 damage, and the body of the person that is hit must fly at enormous speed. I tried that with the momentum, but that only works on living players. I want the corps to be CRASHED away!!!

    Does anyone know what script I should use?

    Thanks in advance,

    p.s. I'm not very good at unrealscript, so please answer quite explained