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im a noob plz help me code

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    NEVER KNOW!! lol


      Re: im a noob plz help me code

      Originally posted by Mr Pasta
      (plz note i am not that bright when it comes to advanced computing and get confused easly so i need thing well expained to get i right)
      Perhaps if you have a magnificent idea and are not good at advanced computing and get confused easily then you would be better off learning how to do something like modelling then find someone who can code and get them to do the coding for you. I know that sort of makes it seem less 'yours'... but sometimes its just necessary. Personally my models end up looking like ****... I simply can not model stuff, but I can code well (when I have time), so if I want to do any modding I either use premade models or ask someone to make what I want

      Some people are artistic and others are good at logic/programming... some lucky b**tards are good at both (though usually better at one or the other)!

      Good luck anyway mate, oh and if you want to program a vehicle look at the sticky posts at the top of the forum for heaps of resources and tutorials, search web sites like etc aswell, there are plenty of tutorials out there.


        There are modellers looking for coders and there are coders looking for modellers (only slightly less so, it seems). However, the trick is finding someone that's interested in working on the exact same thing.


          Thanks Thisticstic for your advice, but i think it would be better to learn what im not good at (coding) rather than stick to the things im getting better at (modeling, mapping). Because you can make more fun and interesting things by coding than you can modeling e.g. mutators, weopen mods. also if i can code i can be of more use to other people as you said modelers look for coders.

          for those of you how didn't guess i was young, im only 14 so it a good time to start learning.


            I'd say it's better to be really good at one thing and suck at everythign else than to be average at everything. If you're average at everything, you'll never produce something beyond average. If you're really good at one thing, you could produce something really good if you team up with the right people.


              Like I said, and you probably haven't figured this out being so young, there are different personality types in people and usually we are either one way or another. You either have skills in art or science and its very rare that people are excellent at both. So as Xyx said just concentrate on what you are best at and master it.

              Another point I made is that coding is simply not for anyone who is easily confused. Also coders look for modellers sometimes, its just that there are less coders than modellers.

              Its also not true that you will be "more use to other people" being average at both things, since for instance I can already code well I would only want coders of my skill or greater, not simply average (is that arrogant? it certainly means better quality product) and I would also look for excellent modellers not simply average. I mean it wouldnt hurt for a modeller to understand the basics of coding, but you really need to specialise in one area. That would also be a good thing to remember when your choosing your career one day, always specialise and be great at something.

              Anyway, I dont mean to put you off coding, certainly learn as much as you can but just focus more effort to improving where you already excel.


                thanks for all the advice. iv decided to work mostly on modeling but will still keep with coding. even though i may not use this thread much anymore i will leave it open for my friend to use because he wants to code and other people that want help coding.

                thanks again for all the help and advice.


                  Hehe hey I feel old, im like giving out fatherly advice... wasn't so long ago I had the same thoughts of wanting to do everything. Maybe im just a jaded old guy now?! 23 aint that old is it?

                  Anyway I think you made a good decision. Its always good for a modeller to know some coding and vice versa, makes communication with your team much easier. Basic skill sets should include the basics in quite a few things(foundations for your expertise and related topics), some intermediate knowledge of a very few things (required for your area of expertise) and expert knowledge of only one or two things (your expertise).

                  Funny though that playing MMORPGS taught me that in a way (combined with how university courses are set out)... a character with 50% in every skill makes a really gay character that cant do anything well, a character with 100% in a few skills and a few fairly high prerequisite skills makes a pretty good character Though given that example you could always get your character up to 100% in everything, but that would take more than a lifetime in reality

                  Armchair philosopher geek... I like that title... :bulb:
                  I think im going to stop all my philosophising I should actually get around to doing some coding, but then again I have my final year uni project to do (based on AI in FPS).