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    Having a problem here. Our MOD has two worlds, one on top of the other(life and death realms) that are exactly the same geometrically. I'm suppose to be making a weapon that transports the player from the life realm to the death realm, which is basically 2000 units down on the Z axis. I know I can do this with some of the code from the translocator, but I wanted to try something else, but I'm not sure it's possible and after looking through bunches of UT classes, don't think it is. But it never hurts to ask those who know more than I

    I would like to create something like a dynamic warp zone whenever the weapon gets fired. So you'd press the primary fire, X number of spaces in front of the user a warp zone would pop up, they could see to the other side, be able to walk through it, get transported, and then it disappears. Is this at all possible?

    I think the closest I could get to this would be to redo some of the code for the translocators camera, put that up on the HUD for the other realm, and then after X seconds transport them down there. Not really the effect I would like, but might be what it comes too.

    Any suggestions on doing this is appreciated. Thanks

    Might be able to make a static mesh with a scripted texture on it, then have it do a DrawPortal to get the other part of the level showing on it.