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question UT2K4 about bind key

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    You could easily program something serverside, but it sounds like you are asking about just something that goes clientside in the user.ini. I'd imagine if you really wanted, you could, but it would be a little complicated. There are directions out there somewhere saying how to change your keybinds, like if you hold the alt or ctrl key down, it switches binds. Also there are directions on how to use different keybinds automatically for different game types (ctf vs inv, etc). Look for those as a starting point.

    I don't think the end is worth the means, aka: not worth time spent doing it.

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  • started a topic question UT2K4 about bind key

    question UT2K4 about bind key

    question (ut2k4) : It is posible to in game when you trow something like grenade, you can bind a configuration to say in same time you trow something like Watchout Grenade????