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Vehicle Question.

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    Vehicle Question.

    I have a stationary weapon, it is in 3 parts,

    1. Gun (Pawn)
    2. Base (Actor)
    3. Casing (Actor)

    What i need to know, is how to make them as one.
    Currently, when the weapon is dropped each peice of the weapon
    Gun,Base,Casing go off in different directions when they hit an angled surface.

    I have tired using SetBase(), no go.

    Class extends Vehicle Class;

    If the vehicle is a skeltal mesh, youc an always attach the other parts to the bones...

    At least I think that's what your trying to do...


      Bugga, no it's not a skeletal mesh.
      I don't think I can add bones to the bas mesh.
      Will have too look into it.


        event Attach( Actor Other );, though i'm not 100% sure how that works with relative positions of the elements that are attached, I know that attachbone attaches world origin of the mesh to the bone coords....

        Doing a serach for attach in Actor gives some intersting variables that relate to attach as well...