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Any coders here? Recruiting!

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    Any coders here? Recruiting!

    I'm on the hunt for some coders,... Hoping to find someone who can do a good job with a mod...

    The mod started as a weapon-set with new gameplay for UT2004, and evolved into plans and work shooting for much greater things...

    You can see some content here - it's not coded yet, but ripe and ready to bloom and expand in all directions:

    ...Note: I'm trying to move to the Half-Life 2 Source engine, if I can find someone who can program it using the .Net framework.

    I've completely rewritten the plans in the format of HL2, here:

    And the UT2004 plans are here:

    It's almost completely written out for both engines, and coding it will be fruitful and direct (esp. Half-Life 2 - don't worry about UT2004 at the moment), as the mod incrementally grows into something like Desert Combat, with incremental updates adding new features, new maps and content periodically, etc.

    If you would like to talk about it, you can email me at:

    And my MSN handle is also