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Mod Starter program for UT2k4

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    Ok. Tried it.

    Have source UC files in UT2004\j2024\classes [check]
    Use the -mod=j2024 commandline with ucc make [check]
    Creates J2024.U in UT2004\j2024\system [uncheck]

    And there you go. No big deal, since this is exactly why I did BM2k. Just one less thing to mess with. Doesn't matter if it makes it where it's supposed to or not, anyway, in the long run, as long as it gets there, right? And if UCC is going to be cantankerous, then I'll do it myself (but only once, in code, no need to work so hard).

    I can probably make a generic ModInstaller program, but the main Bad Thing about that is.. It'd only be for Windows, and might as well just use a umod, if you're doing that. Zipfile is way to go. Even if it's a zipexe, you can still unzip it under Linux (and presumably on a Mac). That's too much unnecessary coding even for me, and that's saying something, so forget I mentioned it. heh

    Dicky B (is it 6am? holy ****. good thing I have insomnia)