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Mod Starter program for UT2k4

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    Mod Starter program for UT2k4

    Finally got around to finishing this thing. When I did BlankMod, it was great and easy. But I'm even lazier now, so I wrote ModStarter. It basically does the same thing as BlankMod, only easier. It makes the files and folders for a basic (very) Mod, with batch files to build/edit/play your mod. It also fixes everything up in the files to reflect your mod's name and stuff, unlike BlankMod (where you had to do that yourself). If you have HL2, it works like Create-A-Mod, mmkay?

    Go here, click downloads, get ModStarter

    Dicky B (if you find it helpful, lemme know, if not, keep it to yourself. )

    It's really helpful to me.


      Wow, lazyness, lol. Lazyness is the true mother of invention.

      Okay, so it works well. It might be nice to also create shortcuts to the mod, and editor. It doesnt matter if its a UT2004 icon or not, as long as its a shortcut. I find it more logical that a mod would use a shortcut than a bat file, but thats just me perhaps.

      Also I notice the Classes folder gets placed in with the textures and such. Is this by design, or a mistake? I know if you wanted multiple packages you would need subfolders for all of them. Maybe it would be better to start off with a single package already in a sub folder? Just an idea, that way there is less work later on for those adding multiple packages. Changing this will have you re-reference the texture in the Textures folder (or better yet, move it in with the package folder and make a new one for the mod directory. Like this:

      And the EditPackages and ServerPackages lines in the default.ini dont have a + in front of them, which means when adding more than one, only the last one will actually be added.

      The bitmap in the help folder doesnt get named properly. It's only gonna work when its the ModName+logo.bmp. Eg, MyModLogo.bmp.

      I think thats it.


        Hmm. Bugs happen. Fortunately, it's only a couple. At least I was fast enough to catch The Big One and reupload before anyone downloaded. heh..

        Having a texture in the main menu at all was just me being weird, and not having to write any UTX files. That was on purpose. BlankMod doesn't have it that way. And if you get far enough to want multiple packages in your mod, then you're far enough to edit the stuff yourself. The point is to make the *start* easier.

        The logo in the Help folder is wrong though. I thought I caught all those in my Oh **** I Messed Up reupload. Fixing. (plus, I think that bitmap was the wrong size anyway, long story) ..fixed..

        Fudges in the UT2k4Mod.ini fixed (missed that one, too, should have thought of that for the reason you mentioned, eeps).

        I use a custom loader for my mod, so it didn't even cross my mind to put a shortcut on the desktop for this. Even so, fixed. (no icon for the shortcut, should be mod-dependent anyway, right?)
        (it uses the mod name, my example just happens to be The Greatest Mod Ever mod.. )

        Dicky B (thanks for the list, there, Bonehed)

        [now available for DL, same place, new version]

        [edit: crud and a half. when I added the mod switch, it broke the shortcut creation.. fixing]

        [another edit: Fixed. I totally spaced that UT2004.exe was in the system folder, too. Creates shortcut with UT2004's icon, just like it should.. big duh on me. If you downloaded V2 already, redownload.]

        [last edit for now: Duh again. Thought to put a shortcut for UnrealEd on the desktop, while I was at it. Done.]


          Updated ModStarter just a little bit.

          Now includes BuildMaster 2000 for the truly lazy.
          (BM2k has automatic buildnumber incrementation, woot)

          Had to fix it for me, so BM2k support worked as soon as ModStarter beeped that the mod was created. So I am sharing.

          Dicky B (link in the sig, files, blammo)


            Good software devs are lazy... though the opposite is not necessarily true.

            "Mod" in this context means...
            • Mutator?
            • Gametype?
            • Total conversion?


              lol i wouldnt need this, its not too hard to make a mod is it? i got it working ez (After all the work on finding out how) WOTgreal makes the folder modini then the systemfolder with the default add ons you need


                Nice bump




                    Sure, not everyone needs this sort of Mod Starter (full-on TC mod, not mutator or gametype), but someone might. Just because someone doesn't know the correct way to set up the folders and ini's and whatever, that does not mean they couldn't produce a mod. I've seen threads about setting up TC Mod directories and stuff, so I decided to let this out, instead of hogging it for myself. (I do a few theoretical mods here and there, and this modstarter makes that easy to do)

                    Dicky B (if you find it useful, great, if not, great)


                      yae i could have used it when i first started >.< your correct


                        Not entirely (since you really *should* know how to dig for info on a full TC mod before you do it), but it sure makes it easier than trying to work with the official TC mod example project. A lot easier, and that was the point. Of course, the downside is, I start a lot more projects than I would if I hadn't written this.

                        Dicky B (trying to concentrate on Colossians again, though, since I have power generators and stuff working.. I mean, the power grid part, anyway.. heh)


                          How is BuildMaster2000 better than UCC make?


                            It's better because I wrote it. (ok, so it's better for me, for anyone else, dunno)..

                            Nah, it doesn't replace ucc, it is just a front-end for it.

                            What it does:

                            You simply run the EXE with the option of the mod's folder.

                            buildmaster2000.exe j2024

                            Ok, it loads up BM2k, and figures out all packages the mod has, and lists them. No configuration needed, beyond having the mod set up right (which ModStarter does).

                            When you compile, it doesn't assume anything will be copied by ucc to where it's supposed to (since it never does on my system, so..). It deletes the .U files that are in the package list for the mod, does a UCC Make, then copies the resultant .U files back to your mod's system folder from the main UT2k4 folder (Like I said, I've never gotten it to do it automagically, and yes, I use the -mod command line option). Another thing it does, is updates the internal Build Number of your mod (or mod version). What good is this? Well, no good, if you only have one release. If you have more, it's another way to track besides renaming the entire mod folder (huge pain in the ***). It loads the mainmenu class UC file, increments BuildNumber in the defaultproperties, and rewrites the mainmenu class UC file.

                            Sounds complicated, but consider that the only configuration you need to do with BM2k is running it with the right commandline option. Everything else is automagic. No farting around with batch files or anything mod-specific. With ModStarter, and BM2k, you can create and compile a basic (very) TC mod (skeletal, ev-un) in approximately 15 seconds, depending on how fast your hard drive is.

                            Dicky B (and that's exactly what I wanted it to do, so it's a rousing success here at the lab..)

                            ps-I will do custom loader programs (like what I have for Colossians, or even like BuildMaster2000) for people, if they want one, and the project that it will go with doesn't totally suck ****. Can also do self-installing EXE's (like SFX zips or rars) and stuff. But again, only for projects that I deem unsucky.


                              My guess on why the -mod switch doesnt copy the .u into your mods system folder is probably due to where your mods source files are located.

                              For example, if the source is in UT2004/ the .u files ALWAYS end up in the UT2004/System folder (yes, even with the -mod switch), but if the source is in the UT2004/MyMod/ folder (where it's supposed to go), then the .u files ALWAYS end up in the /Ut2004/MyMod/System folder.

                              Try it.

                              EDIT: it might also be cool to create an "exe creater" type program, where you can specify what file to execute (since that all an exe for a MOD will do anyway, right?) and what command line options to give to it, and what icon to use, and that would pretty much cover it. No idea how any of that would work, lol. But I know there are programs that can do something like it (zip2exe, etc.). Just an idea.