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    DumDum Monsters!

    Is there a way to increase Line of Sight Distance and Overall awareness for Invasion Monsters ?

    Aside from just things like

    Awareness = 1
    and FOV = XXX

    Cuz those do like jack ****.

    My issue is that these monsters seem to have either very poor eye sight, or very poor ability to find you...

    Like, if you just sit in certain places of the map they may NEVER find you! So this is clearly a bad scene and i'd like to know how to make them UBER aware so they will always seek you out flawlessly and continue the hunt...ya know so it will like um...scary?

    That could be a pathnoding problem.
    If your in an area of a map with no pathnodes then the monsters will have trouble finding you.


      They will always find you. Somehow they can teleport if they find an obsticle and they'll teleport under your hud! I'm not kidding.