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Simulating Earth

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    Simulating Earth

    The idea is to construct a sphere shaped level where the player gets to fully walk around the planet's surface being able to actually go upside down.

    Current thoughts was that I would not want to do any additional math calculations to be executed specially if there are many objects in the world that are influenced by this behaviour. Was hoping to be able to set a centre of gravity within the physics volume however this does not seem to be possible with the current physics volume.


    Either in Gameinfo I can setup the parameters for all of this, or create a volume, or update individual actors as they get updated ( to maintain framerate consistency, however a call to the level in order to access the information is required )

    vector CenterOfGravity;
    vector ForceOfGravity;

    on Update function I can iterate through the actors ( physics volume or gameinfo case ) or I can access the values within the gameinfo and update the local actor's information.

    Ideas? Suggestions? This isn't a question of whether this is possible, the question is what is the best way to go about implementing it.

    There is no supprt right now in game for that kind of setup to do what you want to do:

    Either have every actor you want affected by the gravity check it's relation to all gravity producing objects and adjust motion and location approproately...

    Have your source of gravity iterate through all actors and adjust them itself

    The first method would be the most ideal in that it would execute MUCH faster, however you would have to reprogram a whole slew of objects.

    The second method would be stupidly slow, even dumping 3/4 of the actors as non adjusting, the fact that iterations are slow would bog things down even more...

    Both methods would not support KARMA, nor basic physics (ex PHYS_Falling, PHYS_Projectile)

    You would be basicaly writing a physics engine using UScript... NOT Ideal at all...

    Also if you wanted player view to have down always be the center of gravity, you would need to adjust that every tick


      I'm thinking basically the same deal. The ammount of physics that I would have to change would not be that insane since I could still make good use of the regular UT physics in order to have to make less calculations. I'm thinking that I might do some prototyping in UT2k4 and wait until UT3 since it will probably support what I'm trying to do anyways.


        Well the KArma physics would not work at all..

        Falling is a physics type who's direction cannot be changed (so projectiels and falling players relying on it would need to be redone)


          There will be no firing of weapons in this game :P

          I can continue using the velocities and forces of UT as well as use PHYS_HOVER for doing some of the things that i'm trying to do.


            From what I hear, you could try linking up a bunch of warp zones to form something remotely approaching a sphere. Problem with those is that hitscan weapons can't fire from one zone into the next.


              the problem with warpzones is you cant see more as 4 at the same time, if you can look at more you get HOM effects


                this is spider


                  i have made a map with 4 zones where you can walk all the way round, but it doesnt play nice


                    i whas thinking the same thing try setting the physics of players to PHYS_Spider


                      it seems not to work right


                        I'm glad I caught this thread. I can now put out of mind a space station themed CTF map I wanted to make where the players could walk completely around the hull of the central ring; with the flags in high towered observation bubbles vertically opposite each other.