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Custom Pixel shaders?

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    Custom Pixel shaders?

    Hi, I've exported all of the scripts in UT2004 and although I'm reletively experienced in modding (vehicles, weapons, etc), I have no idea where I would go to write my own shaders and then use them in the game.

    Does anyone know if UE2 supports writing shaders for PS 1.1 or 2.0 out of the box? Sure, the engine has those simple shaders that the game uses for textures, like lava, slime, water, etc, but I'm takling about things that you might find in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory and other games that affect more than just simple textures.

    Where would I go to start writing my own custom shaders? I know it's possible somehow, since I've seen some mods take a stab at it... (like that one mod that has full real-time reflections without using cube maps).

    If I remember correctly (and I could be very wrong) UT2004 has no support for pixel shaders... at least not via UScript...

    Other UnrealEngine based games had PixelShaders added by the developers...


      How do you think the Soulkeeper guys made their own shaders then? I'm attempting to contact them now...

      Check out the dynamic reflection video they released over a month ago:

      Here's their site, for reference:


        There are two ways (offhand) that I know dynamic reflection may be possible:
        1: Using mirrored surfaces like from UE1 (I've never tried it in UE2 but I believe I read somewhere that it was possible)
        2: Using cleverly setup Scripted-Textures that use the DrawPortal function to act as a mirror.

        There is no way to manipulate shaders in UT2k4 other than messing with materials/shader textures/modifiers AFAIK.

        Here is an alternate link to that video, it should save you waiting in line for over an hour at that $**%house FilePlanet.

        Yes that video looks like a scripted texture + DrawPortal function.


          1. Mirrored surfaces are kind of halfway obsolete in UE2. They still work, but if I recall correctly static meshes and players don't appear in them.


            And I imagine using drawportal method would be very slow. License the engine and you can fix all that if you would like, otherwise there isnt much hope.