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Multiple suspension pieces?

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    Multiple suspension pieces?

    Ok, so I want to make a vehicle that will have two suspension pieces for each wheel. One suspension arm each for the X and Y Axis. I have already started fumbling around with models and code. I'm fairly well versed in vehicle creation as far as modeling and coding goes. But this one is new.

    normaly in ONSWheeledCraft we call 4 wheels at the end of the defaultproperties. The only thing I could think of was adding another set of joints and another "wheel" in the .uc. That did not work. I searched back from ONSWheeledCraft all the way back to Vehicle.u. And nothing is really mentioned about creating the wheels in the script except for the:

    SVehicle class
    var (SVehicle) editinline export	array<SVehicleWheel>		Wheels; // Wheel data
    other than that I haven't found much that controls the wheels or suspension. Any ideas?

    #2 has some thing where I belive you can have a multi join wheel, if not then it's probably code that restricts you...