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Couple questions and FREE COOKIES!

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    Couple questions and FREE COOKIES!

    OK. Here are the questions. Whoever answers them the fastest gets cookies from me.

    1. I'm making an airplane by extending ONSAttackCraft (Raptor). I changed the static mesh of it (it will be... A BOMBER! ) and everything's good except that when I get into the game it cannot fly. What's up? I have the following extended: ONSAttackCraft ; ONSAttackCraftBuildEffectBlue ; ONSAttackCraftStreamer ; ONSAttackCraftPlasmaProjectileRed ; ONSAttackCraftFactory ; ONSAttackCraftExhaust ; ONSAttackCraftBuildEffectRed ; ONSAttackCraftPlasmaProjectileBlue. I think I missed something.... They all have default properties...

    2. Bad collision. How do I set up the collision for it?

    3. How come I can't put it into Torlan? I did so but when I play the map it doesn't show up. It does though in one of the maps that I created.

    4. What is the right place for it? In Unreal Editor there is a Pawn and SVehicleFactory. It shows up in the Pawn... Woah.. Just saw that it's in both lol

    Sorry for the newbie questions... Now... Who wants a cookie?

    Woops... Forgot about the bonus question. Whoever answers this one gets a milk jug.

    Can a vehicle be a static mesh?


      1. Well first problem is you can't use a static mesh, you have to use the animated mesh (there is a tut on on properly etting up collisons in animations), if your using the included bomber mesh is shoudl already be set up

      For the milkjug, can vehicle be a static mesh, Yes it can, should it be..

      NO, static meshes dont' have skeletons sometheing required to set up weapon attachements, wheels, attaching karma impulsers etc...

      2. has the best tut I have seen setting up collison for an animation, can't remeber where there it is but is there...

      3. You should use a factory to spawn it, to change what a factory spawns simply find it (using foreach alldymanicactors works), you want to set VehicleClass to you vehicle class
      class mymut extends mutator;
      function prebeginplay();
      local ONSFactory Factory;
      foreach alldynamicactors(class'ONSFactory', Factory)
      if Factory.Vehicleclass="onslaught.ONSAttackCraft"
      As a not you can't replace factories in map, you have to change their vehicleclass, this is because bStatic = True in them

      4. The factory will subclass sVehicleFactory->ONSVehcileFactory->Youfactory
      your vec will subclass:

      5. oh no 5...


        Hm... I'm pretty sure you were trying to explain this but... Somehow... I'm still lost

        OK. So I set up the BomberFactory as follows:

        class BomberFactory extends ONSVehicleFactory;

        RedBuildEffectClass=class'ONSAttackCraftBuildEffec tRed'
        BlueBuildEffectClass=class'ONSAttackCraftBuildEffe ctBlue'


        What is the vehicle class? I tried setting it up to to almost anything and it gave me an error. If I leave it like that, open the editor and add the vehicle (BomberFactory) to any of the maps it seems to be all right. The Bomber mesh shows up (YES, I RE DID THE UVS... And it does look good ) but when I run the game the only thing that shows up at that place is Raptor... What's up?


          Woops... I forgot that the whole thing is NOT in the Onslaught directory. OK, So I just changed it to BomberCraft and voila.

          No... This is not the end of this thread... I'll need some help with the collision