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Modifying .dem files, or extracting info from them.

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    Modifying .dem files, or extracting info from them.

    See topic. 2 Weeks ago I released my UT200X movie. For this movie I reconstructed certain scenes (as in placed xPawns in the except same position as the demos) and then did some cool stuff with Matinee. You might wanna download it if you want to fully understand it. Anyway, doing this with xPawns sucks of course because it's a lot of work + the frags are not legit that way (in my movie they are though).

    So what would be cooler to be able to trigger matinee scenes while watching a demo?
    But: to be able to do this I have two problems:
    * I would have to add the matinee scene to the map AFTER the demo has been recorded, and demos don't play if the map has changed, (even though the geometry is the same!)
    * Matinee scenes cant be triggered in the console (or can they?) and matinee doesnt work in multiplayer (demos = multiplayer I guess).

    Lot's of problems there.

    A first step would be: being able to playback demos even though the required packages (like the textures of the map) have changed.

    I have no experience with UScript, and have not much interest in learning it if you guys say this is absolutely impossible.
    But if I could get this all to work somehow it would be a revolution for the UT movie community.

    - Base

    .dem files are basically memory dumps of what's going on. Locations of stuff, state etc... Sort of like a bitmap is a vidram dump in the most basic sense...

    So basically, you'd have to have the movie already rigger while recording the demo... as far as I can tell...


      You mean the Matinee scene would have to be present in the map already while recording the demo?




          Hmm.. I think I'm gonna try this:

          two equal maps (like only a black box),
          but one map has an object in it that doesn't interfer with the gameplay (say an interpolation point). record a demo of a second, and then I'm gonna compare the demos files to see if I can see were the difference lies.