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Could someone code me a really quick & easy weapon mutator?

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    Could someone code me a really quick & easy weapon mutator?

    In the next map I'm designing, I'd like to add a new weapon that acts as a smoke bomb, which players can use to conceal themselves as they enter a room.

    Basically, it would be a modification to the Grenade Launcher, and work exactly the same with LMB firing, and RMB detonating. Only instead of exploding for damage, it releases a cloud of smoke that stays in the area for about 10 seconds or so. I'm thinking it should look something like the smoke that comes out of an exploded power core in Onslaught. Borrowing that exact effect would work fine for me. Each player will spawn with 1 ammo of these and can't get another until they die.

    Any takers? You'll have full credit on the map of course, and it might even be nice to release it as a standalone mutator as well.

    That's what I did with the assault rifle in my mod, Colossians. I didn't reduce the secondary ammo amount, and still haven't finished it (couple tweaks still needed), but the smoke bomb is there. Check the linkage in the siggage.

    Dicky B (beta 2 is current, beta 3 will be out in the next couple days, though)