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Second seat killing clients [SOLVED]

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    It seems other use the same BCanBeBaseForPawns bool ot fix your problem....

    It might have to do wtih Unreals Replication


      I think that's the only way to do it. If bCanBeBaseForPawns is set to false, then the vehicle's collisionbox kills the passenger. This is shown by setting it to false and making the collisionbox small enough that the passenger is'nt touching it. This way, the passenger does not die, but when the collisionbox is enlarged to where the passenger is touching it, then the passenger dies. Setting bCanBeBaseForPawns to true allows the passenger to be within the collisionbox without harm. The reason the ONSPRVSideGun worked without killing the player is because the player is attached a bit below the weapon, which in this case put it out of the collisionbox.
      The basics of it is that without bCanBeBaseForPawns set to true, a vehicle's collisionbox kills passengers that touch it. Thanks for the help all.


        ****, that sure is good to know in advance. Thanks for letting us know! :up: