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    Would anyone...

    Would anyone be nice enough to script this? I don't know almost nothing about programming and I just made this nice model of a... Uhm... Stealth Bomber? Yeah, I guess that's what it is. If no, can anyone point me to some good scripting tutorials? BTW, I know Unreal Editor and Maya pretty well so don't need help with that. Thanks!

    Well it would be no problem for, but exactly what does it do!
    Like how fast does it fly, can pawns enter it, what weapons do you want it to have, etc?


      Well, I don't really care what does it do. lol It could be an extension to raptor but that would be kinda funny since normal planes can't really fly to the right/left. I was thinking more of like a bomber that drops redeemers on people lol. It has a lot of space inside... like a space for 5-10 people (didn't really check).

      I'm going to put it up soon.... Lemme do it!

      Well, if it wouldn't be too much, how about one player would be a pilot of the plane, there would be a second player that would drop nukes on people (redeemers) and passangers, about 5-9 of them. Woah! This is better than Leviathan! Man, I also wish there would be parachutes included! OK, maybe too much, lol.


      Also, I made animation to it but something messed up and now It has no animation at all

      Download link:
      Stupid FTP... Doesn't want to work!
      I will put it later... Argh.



        ^Got it^