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Server only mutators?

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    Server only mutators?

    I have written a mutator that allows the control of bots in a team game. Used it yesterday at a LAN party - was prety cool

    The only problem was that any of the players on the LAN could access the mutator and add or remove bots from the game - not so good

    So, is there any way that a mutator can check if it's running on the game server? I don't mean a dedicated server, but a listen server?

    I tried not adding the mutator to the ServerPackages, but then it just didn't work at all - not even on the machine acting as server.

    Thanks for any help.

    Well, there is two ways you can approach this that come to mind quickly. What you said, and what I'll suggest.

    I suggest you have it check to see if the player issuing the command is logged in as an adminsitrator. If not, just toss them back a clientmessage telling them to buzz off.

    But if you wanted to be server or listen server only, you can compare their network status to see if their... hmm, someone will have to help me, when I post from work I forget everything (kinda new myself)...

    Level.Netmode=NM_DedicatedServer || Level.Netmode=NM_ListenServer

    So if they are a client you can also deny the use of the function.


      That's not a bad idea - checking for the Netmode. Didn't think of that. I mind of assumed the net mode would be the same for all players, but it might be different for the Listen Server...

      I'll go check.

      Thanks, mate