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Rc Racing looking for help (screenshots inside)

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    Rc Racing looking for help (screenshots inside)

    Rc Racing mod is looking for additional team members.

    We have currently released a number of screenshots,
    a few examples. (The map is just for testing)

    We are looking for:

    coders to help code the different gametypes etc
    mappers to create tracks for the different gametypes.
    modelers to make static meshes.
    2d artists to make textures and other images.

    Code wise we already have our own vehicle running and 6 vehicles ready for import.
    Dynamic camera viewpoint.
    Six powerups and inventory system for rc's is ready.
    Player starts in a car, cant leave, cant die (in race mode,in dm he can die).
    Player can only be in possesion of one powerup.
    Part of hud is ready.

    Working on mod menu's, checkpoint system and other improvements.

    Irc channel: server quakenet , channel #rcracing
    Link to forum on