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Disable Team Colors For SSR?

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    Disable Team Colors For SSR?

    I guess what I really want, is to know how to change the colors of the SSR in a team game (INV), either by randomly choosing RGB values, or by a client's selection in an .ini .

    Right now, I'm still quite confused by UnrealScript, I understand it, having background in JAVA, but the sheer breadth of the modules is rather impressive.

    Most muts that change the SSR color do not work in team games, where the color of the 'laser' is forced to match your team color. I am wondering, would it be that difficult to eliminate team colors all together? I've been playing around a bit with Engine.TeamInfo, but am not really sure where to look.

    If anyone has any suggestions, or wants to point me somewhere(s), that'd be great!


    The SSR set's it's color based on the team number of it's PC (the player controller of the pawn carrying it) and the type of game it's in., you just have to make your own SSR that does not make this check.


      How about overloading the method that contains it?


        You need your own gun (that does this override) to replace it still, and a mutator to make the switch


          Thanks. Sounds like quite the adventure I'm about to embark on, though it would take a veteren probably seconds to do this. {sigh} I'll keep everyone posted.


            Okay, I think I have most of the wep and mut done....If it works of course, I have yet to test it.

            Can anyone suggest to me how I might change the color of the ssr beam? either a random rgb values or by a client-side ini settting? The main thing is, I want ever client to be able to have a different beam color.

            maybe link me to some source, if you're feeling generous, or even an explanation?

            In any case, I've got some things to do, so if there are no takers, I'll just look around wiki, and see what I can come up with. Thanks!


            Essentially by examining the differences between the Instagib, ZoomInstagib, ShockRifle, and SuperShockRifle, I think I have my Mut and gun written, except for the code that changes colors.

            I now have a mutator that allows health and shield, and adrenaline pickups. and that has disabled team color! yay! that'll work for now, but I'd like to make it better. =/

            Also, I can't seem to make it like the ClassicShockRiflePickup. It doesn't seem to recognize it, and I get compiler errors.

            Idears, anyone?




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