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Wanted: skilled scripter for some vehicle coding (for the Helix ESV 2)

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    Wanted: skilled scripter for some vehicle coding (for the Helix ESV 2)

    I'm making a vehicle called the Helix esv (the beta version (version 1.0) can be downloaded at bolth or
    Its main coding is done but there is some work I can't do myself.
    The code needed is described below.

    Hyperforce - My Helix ESV (version 2) needs some coding that I can’t to myself so I’m looking for some help on that (Wanted: skilled/Pro scripter).
    This is my best work till now and its going to be in a vehicle pack i'm working on.

    GC = Gravity C (The name of the lock system)
    (Un)Deployed = vehicle has rear door closed when deployed and open when undeployed.
    ONSRV = Scorpion

    The things I need.
    I already got some base code for the GC subsystems but I don’t know how to put it together.
    The Helix is a multi functional vehicle able to transport troops, work as a gunship, re- supply station, and defensive platform.
    If done it also should be able to carry ONSRV’s (scorpions)

    When the scorpion enters the vehicle and the rear door closes the Karma collision bound to the rear door doesn’t move with the animated rear door like the normal collision does.
    I’m trying to make a system that when the rear door closes scans for ONSRV’s and then if it finds 1 (no more, no less) activates a locked system that onset’s the ONSRV’s main properties like Mass ext. (without killing the scorpions driver).
    Then draws it into the helix’s bay and locks it into position. (it doesn’t have to draw the vehicle in (this is optional as long as the scorpion is close enough to the GravityC joint/bone.
    In this state the ONSRV should work as a extension of the Helix so it stays at the same locations and rotation as the GravityC bone/joint and moves along with the Helix.
    The vehicle should only be released when the rear door opens or the Helix is destroyed.

    Activating GravityC system only when:

    - the vehicle = deploying
    - 1 ONSRV is detected within a small radium surrounding the GravityC bone/Joint.
    - If more than 1 scorpion is detected or if no scorpions are detected than do not activate GC.
    - optional: if there is still room in the helix make it possible for the scorpion driver to exit the vehicle to a “Passenger” seat in the Helix by pressing -2-, -3- or -4- and if there is no driver in the scorpion let a “Passenger” enter it by pressing -5- (This is optional and not needed if to much work.

    Deactivate gravityC properties:

    These options are important.
    - If the driver opens the rear door and GC is active (because there’s a ONSRV locked to GC) then release the ONSRV and reset its properties.

    - If there are no more people in the helix and the rear door is closed open the rear door so if there is an ONSRV inside the helix it gets released. And the vehicle deploys so it looks like its landing (animation shows Rear door opens/closes and the landing gear retracts/extents.

    - If the helix is destroyed and GC is active then release the ONSRV before the vehicle becomes destroyed (this prevents crashes or anything else that could go wrong)

    Other stuff:

    - If the driver is flying by itself and he changes to a Turret seat than keep the vehicle flying like the Cicada (ECE bonus pack) does (I’ve been trying to do this but it hasn’t worked yet.
    - The helix uses the deploy code from the Leviathan, I’m still trying to get the coding working on the replication for online client animation .
    - Final there are some pickups in the vehicle but for clients (on a server) they keep floating in the air, this needs to be fixed (haven’t tested it with Bhardattached yet)



      That's a lot of unpaid work. You seem to know what you want, make it happen. I could help, but don't program much anymore, this game is a little boring now, sorry.