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    Looking for a guide to...

    ...import models into Unreal. We're currently working with UT2k4.

    Anyone know of one? Or is there a thread somewhere deep in this forum (I searched briefly but didn't come up with anything substantial - keyword briefly though) that has it in detail?

    For reference, we've got some models done in XSI but apparently that program doesn't support the file types that UED needs for importing.

    on 3dbuzz they had a number of video tuts on importing models. If you have the DVD version of Unreal 2004 they should be included.



      Get maya get the unreal actor X plug in for it and in the maya comand line type axmesh for saving as a static mesh(ase) or axmain for savign as a um normal mesh i gess you call it a anim (psk)

      open UED open anim or static mesh browser go file import the psk or ase

      i know this whas brief i gota go to school now maybe i get mor
      complex when i get home