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What would you do if contract didnt pay

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    What would you do if contract didnt pay

    Ok so. Let's say you signed a contract to do some work, and you did the work. Then let's say you delivered said work to the company.

    Now lets say the company wasn't paying you. What would you do?

    As a little background, the company moved on to non UT related projects, and decided to put the UT stuff on hold. However, they accepted what I coded, and said "Yeah we will pay you the contracted amount for the work you did."

    So if you weren't getting paid, what would you do?

    Oh and it's not enough money to get a lawyer over. Only 200 bucks. It took a long damned time though...

    Anyone else ever have this problem?

    Small claims court, my friend. Get the paperwork ready and show it to them before you submit it to the court. Often, rather than involving their lawyers (mandatory for a large company) they'll just pay what is owed.


      Why is this posted in Programming! :bulb:

      Nuke the ******!


        Even if going to court cost me more than the payment for the job itself I would still do it solely to stop the a$$-ole stealing my work like that without any consequences.

        Kick his ***.


          I thought it was a programming issue, sorry.

          Maybe general discussion would have been better, but I thought that this was a programmer specific thing, since I had contract to program.


            u could always submit a revision that dosent work or summin, but small claims court is a lot more professional. And most people don't want to go to court anyways, so alot of stuff may be settled outside of court, and u may not have to go at all.