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Monster Behaviour Problems :)

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    I've heard of this; and I've heard why it does this. I just can't remember right now. That helps, don't it? No need to thank me. If it comes back to me, I'll be sure to post it :X

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  • started a topic Monster Behaviour Problems :)

    Monster Behaviour Problems :)

    Hey everyone! An old problem has come back to make my life miserable again :cry: I just finished placing pathnodes and they seem to function fine, there are no errors after rebuilding. The thing that still doesnt work properly is the actual pawn (monsters) movement in-game while they are trying to get to me. The problem is as follows:

    1: The pawn plays its run animation at a default speed of 1. Most of the time the pawn chases me properly, attacks me when it's within striking range etc. But sometimes for no reason or if I round a corner, it ceases to follow me and takes off in another direction (usually to the side) and the run animation plays at about 3 times the normal speed. The monster won't 'snap' out of this odd behaviour until he hits a wall/collision volume before he reverts back to chasing me again. I've copy and pasted the code from the skaarjpack (forgot which class specifically) but would anyone have any idea why it does this? I can post the code if anyone needs to take a look at it. Any help would be appreciated.