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Design Question: Using the HUD

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    Design Question: Using the HUD

    Ok, I decide that I want to make a small 2D shooter game mod for UT2004. I've been going through the various classes and stuff when it dawned on me how easy it would be to use the HUD to draw the game objects.

    The HUD is already two dimensional, so it would make drawing the 2D images a breeze.

    I have two questions though:

    1) Could this be considered bad programming design?
    2) If is not bad design, how would I go about turning of the 3D rendering? I've spent sometime looking through the code but I haven't found anything yet.

    Thank you.

    Since I'm positive there is no collison detection between objects on the hud you'll have to write your own, I'm not sure it'll be very efficient, also how will others make levels for it, since You'll pretty much have to code them in?

    It could be done, but I don't think it would be very efficient or effective...

    restricting the 3d realm to 2 axis would probably be (and run ) better...