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    Question before I get started. :)

    Working on a project, wanna see, before I start delving into the code, if this would be doable.

    I am porting a CTF map of mine from another game into UT2004.
    However, the map DRASTICALLY hinges on offensive teamwork, and "bit by bit" flag movement. Basically, I want to disable touch-return of the flag and put it on a 30-second return timer instead. The map isn't going to be playable with touch return, so if it cannot be overridden, I'd not even bother starting the conversion.

    Is it possible to supercede the code for the CTF-gametype without defining a new gametype? (Can I "extend" gametype and overwrite the flag return code? Or does this remove it from "CTF" gametype?) It's a complete waste to try it if it's going to require a new gametype, and it is not my intention to fractionate the community into even more gametypes.

    Anyone have any experience with overriding gametype commands while remaining valid in the gametype? (Not asking for code - just for if it can be done. I want to code it myself. )

    Thanks in advance!


    It should be doable.

    What I would probably do is make the flag ignore allied touches, and then set a timer that returns the flag after 30 seconds. The first thing is the one I'd be more worried about. No gametype override necessary.

    Since I'm a coder and not a mapper, I'd probably do an embeddable mutator (fairly simple once you know how.)

    The main problem would be allowing end-user configuration of the flag return time and not confusing the hell out of players ("OMG why can't I return the flag? Stupid lag!")

    Edit: Ah, shortsighted of me. You wouldn't even need the timer, just let UT's built-in timed flag-returning code kick in


      Thank you for the response! I appreciate it.

      *gets to work*