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    Jumping Anytime

    I'm trying to make a mutator for UT2004 that allows a player to perform their doublejump at any time in the air, not just at the top of the jump (provided of course that they haven't done it yet). I was looking in the xPawn class and the DoJump function looks like it takes care of this. I think if I made a modified version of this function and deleted the (Abs(Velocity.Z) < 100) part in the if statement it would do what I want.

    The problem is, how can I replace the xPawn function with a modified one? It was mentioned here that you can replace any reference to a class with another in the mutator. How exactly would I do this? I was thinking of making a class that extends xPawn and only contains the modified function, but again, how would I get it to call the new class instead of xPawn?

    Well, I took the brute force way out and just made my own jumping functions, so now the mutator does what I want. But if people still know how to replace class references I'd still appreciate the knowledge.

    I tried putting:
    if ( xPawn(Other) != None)
    if(String(Other.Class) == "xGame.xPawn")
    ReplaceWith( Other, "MyMut.MyxPawn");
    return true;

    in the checkreplacement function, but this didn't do anything.