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Cloaked vehicle.

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    Cloaked vehicle.

    Wooo. Animation is sweet and players can't see me. But the bots do!! How do I set my vehicle so bots don't shoot at me when I'm cloaked!

    I tried the default property "visbilitiy" but that seems to kinda work in the fact that if you are far they dont shoot you but if you are close then they do. Even if it's set to 0 they will shoot you. (sometimes even when far off)

    In any case defaultprop visibility don't work.

    Any ideas?

    I'm having one but you tell me if it's right. Isn't a vehicle just kinda an extension or item of a player, so if I make the player itself invis with the bInvis deal then I'm good?

    and if so, how do I get a function in my vehicle's code to modify the bInvis factor of the driver?


    Anyone dare to help me out?


      I seem to remember trying something like this before....I found it was an utter b*tch to attempt and didn't get far because the AI code is a pain in UT2k4.....however I suggest a good place to start looking is how bots handle team players.

      Good luck.