Hey guys. I posted a thread about this on the Planet Unreal forums but they seem pretty dead. Can someone help me build my own custom vehicles? (help as in tell me how of course, not actuly do it for me) Iv got a mesh made up, now all i need to do is tell it to be a vehicle.

I want the 1st one to have the same physics as the raptor (physics meaning how it flies / moves etc) so basically for this one i just want to take the raptor and change the mesh for it (and obviously the texture) I also want to make my own guns for it, and while im on the subject can anyone tell me how to edit the secondary fire of a vehicle? and it would also be useful to know how to make one gun and put it on twice - ie so when the primary fire is pressed the gun fires two shots, like the raptors primary fire. Or is this done when you make the wepon itself?

It would also be useful to know how to make animated things because i want to try making a walker at some point - using animated legs as wheels perhapse?

Thanks for any help.