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Wiki Tutor Problem in UK2k4: Writing And Using An Embedded Mutator

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    Your writing code for UT2K4... this article seems to have been written in 2002... this is before UT2003 or 2004 were even produced, this means it was intended for UT99... which has quite a few differences...

    So, in other words, what that tutorial says may not particularly be that relevant to UT2K4.

    From memory (my dad has UT99) theres a UDamage mutator in 99 and of course the Enforcers are used in 99...

    Im sure there is some sort of equivelant or replacements in UT2K4 for these.

    Hope that helped a little.

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    1) dunno, sorry
    2) yes. use their technical names (enforcer = assault rifle (IIRC), redeemer used to be warheadlauncher, etc)
    3) again, dunno, sorry

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  • Wiki Tutor Problem in UK2k4: Writing And Using An Embedded Mutator

    Ive gto lots of problems running and compiling the code mentioned in :
    tutorial page using UT2k4 v3323,

    This lesson is about to learn how to write embedded mods in maps, ive solved some of the problems but ive adressed other problems that i couldnt solve here :

    1. As the lesson says:
    Damage Mutators, MessageMutators, and HUDMutators are special types of Mutators that register themselves and get Linked into their additional respective Lists by a call to one of these functions:
    function UnLinkDamageMutator(Mutator M)
      local bool bNotFirst; 
      local Mutator C, Previous;
      for (C = Level.Game.DamageMutator; C != none; C = C.NextDamageMutator)
        if (C == M)
        bNotFirst = True;
        Previous = C;
      if (bNotFirst)
        Previous.NextDamageMutator = C.NextDamageMutator;
        Level.Game.DamageMutator = Level.Game.DamageMutator.NextDamageMutator;
    but there is no DamageMutator at all! ive searched through all UK2k4 script files and couldnt find anything similar.

    2. MyEnforcer = PlayerPawn.FindInventoryType(class'Enforcer');
    no enforcer, should i replace assultrifle?

    3. var DeathMatchPlus DM;

    no DeathMathPlus class...