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Player respawn delay ?

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    Player respawn delay ?

    Hey guys, first time here.

    Is there any way to have a respawn time delay between each time you die for CTF ?

    I thought this would be the right forum to ask my question. Sorry in advance if its already been answered but the search option hasn't been a success.


    Since there is a respawn delay in AS I imagine it is indded posible, maybe ith a mutator, definately with a GameType... How to do it I'm not 100% sure, but I'm sure someone can point out where you need to look


      Theres two ways that I know of.
      You can do it in your GameType class or Your Player Controller class. The better is Gametype.

      GAMETYPE: functions are,
      SpawnWait() for botAI.
      PlayerCanRestart() for Players.

      PLAYER CONTROLLER: function is:
      Check the State DEAD, there is a timer which is set to 1 second by default, you can change this.

      I don't think there is a way of chaning it without recoding a new gametype of player and bot classes, could be wrong.


        Where are these *game types* located? are they .dll ? .ini? or is it simply a line to change in ut2004.ini ?


          game types are classes such as anything else, they are unplaceable, but visible in the class browser in unrealed. Their default properties are the key to what u want to change.

          I did something simmilar for AS, making an actor to change them, cause if u subclass it, u make another game type, a kindof duplicate ctf, just for ur map....