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Rhyme/Reason to layering graphics...

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    Rhyme/Reason to layering graphics...

    Is there any logic to how or when things are placed onto the hud? For example, if I have two graphics and one is called before the other one, does it operate like a stack where the first called object will be behind the other?

    And what happens if you call graphics from other classes, like calling a graphic from the HUD class and then from an interaction. WHich shows up on top?

    You can find all the info you need on the wiki.

    As far as layering goes, you have 4 passes that are called in order. First pass is on bottom, last pass is on the top.

    simulated function DrawHudPassA (Canvas C); // Alpha Pass
    simulated function DrawHudPassB (Canvas C); // Additive Pass
    simulated function DrawHudPassC (Canvas C); // Alpha Pass
    simulated function DrawHudPassD (Canvas C); // Alternate Texture Pass

    Keep in mind the render style of your images come into play, for example: You cant render an image with a style of STY_Alpha in PassB, you have to render it in A, C, or D. These functions are called automatically through native code so theres no need to make a call. Just pop your draw functions in the passes.


      Thanks for the link. I think from what I've played around with that interactions tend to pop up on top of hudpasses. I'm not sure why, but that's how it is I guess.


        Im not 100% sure but as far as I know internaction overlays will always render above your HUD.