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    Mods / TCs - HowTo?

    Hey guys, I have a query regarding mod / TC creation.

    I'm not a programmer but I'm wondering if there's an EASY way to create a mod/TC that can be run from a windows shortcut and does the following:

    1. Loads straight into a single specific map with no time limit and no bots.
    2. Forces a certain set of key bindings, camera and gravity settings.
    3. Forces the use of a specific player model.
    4. Hides the HUD.

    I've tried reading the UDN stuff on mods and it's a little beyond me... I'm hoping there's a quick and easy way I could do this..

    I've written a script that does everything in point #2, but I'm not really sure about the others... does anyone have any suggestions?

    (for anyone who's interested it's for an architectural visualisation project I'm working on and I need to hide/disable use of weapons and make sure the player walks/jumps at a realistic speed)



    You could try setting up an alternate ini/user ini with the settings you want and set the shortcut to use that. There are commandlines to choose which ini file you use and i think there are also commandlines to pick the map, bot settings, time limit, etc.