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Can not fall from ledges bug after possession

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    Found !...

    bCanWalkOffLedges = True;
    bStopAtLedges = False;
    bAvoidLedges = False;
    bIsPlayer = True;

    all are useless for my problem but

    bCanJump = true;

    do the trick

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  • replied
    I was at home when I wrote the first msg so I hadn't the code.

    Here it is :

    function PossessThatPawn (Controller cp, Pawn p1, Controller C, Pawn p2)

    // the pawn exchange : works fine


    // the following is what I tried but with no success.

    p2.bCanWalkOffLedges = True;
    p2.bStopAtLedges = False;
    p2.bAvoidLedges = False;
    cp.bIsPlayer = True;


    The problem occurs on all maps where you can truly fall, and the worst is sometime(not really often) the problem doesn't occur at all !!!

    Please help !

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  • started a topic Can not fall from ledges bug after possession

    Can not fall from ledges bug after possession

    OK I made a function to possess a bot pawn by pressing a key. Very easy => unpossess the pawns then exchange them.

    This works but after, inside my new pawn I cannot fall from ledges !
    This occur especially on the DoubleDamage map. I ve not tested all the maps... But before the possession I can fall.

    I've tried few things :

    I found a var named "bCanFallFromEdges" or something like that. I setted it true, but nothing happened.

    I thought that was because the pawn was first possessed by a bot, so I tried to set bIsPlayer to true => the same result nothing.

    I've tried to use xPawn instead of Pawn but it was useless.

    Can someone give me some clue ?

    The code is something like that (I'm not at home)

    function PossessThatPawn(xPlayer xp, Pawn p1, Controller C, Pawn p2)
    unpossess the first pawn
    unpossess the second pawn
    xp possess the second pawn
    C possess the first pawn