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Extend something in a Mutator(EASY)

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    the 'extends Mutator' class is the mutator itself, not necessarily the car gibs.

    What you'll need to make is a mutator that extends mutator, and a gib class that extends ONSSmallVehicleExplosion.

    Then in the mutator class you'll have to code it so that it replaces all the references to ONSSmallVehicleExplosion to your own gib class (in the prebeginplay or postbeginplay for example)

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  • started a topic Extend something in a Mutator(EASY)

    Extend something in a Mutator(EASY)

    Im creating a mutator and I want to extend ONSSmallVehicleExplosion, how would I do this

    I have
    Class VehiGibEffect extends mutator;

    What do I put here !?!?!!

    I want to mainly extend the deafault properties