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    Originally posted by PlayerPawn
    Tell me what you want and I'll tell you step by step how to make it happen. (I mean everything, like 'open ued, click on this then that, type this and that)

    I know I woulda loved someone to have done that for me when I was starting.

    Allright then. I want to know how to make my own gun (just something thats looks like an ordinary gun but with a different amount of damage etc.) and I would prefer u didn't say: OK then check out this mod at i want u to write something more like this:
    __________________________________________________ __(This is just an example)
    To make a room right click on Brush button put in the size click build button then click close. Bla bla bla u know the rest. And when u write funny words like: object orientated program or whatever put an EXPLANATION so i dont get lost.


      lol thats an actual website, but have u downloaded the .zip file? It tells u how to setup context and unreal for compiling the files to make ur gun work, and has several working classes, which are the files that hold the damage and functionality info, there is a read me in that file, the proper file structure to put in ut UT2004 directory, a sample .bat file to use in context, and a bunch of explaininations. I can answer any specific questions you have, but it is a relitively complex process to even set up ur work environment for easy coding and compiling, and at least this tutorial I have made has helped a couple people get started.

      I just don't think i would get all of it if i wrote a real tutorial, and it took me acout an hours worth of VTMs to learn enough to make my own mods, and I knew how to program.