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    Runtime Pawns


    I'm trying some things in the Unreal Engine 2 Runtime. And offcoarse I run into tonns of problems since it's only a half engine.

    1 of them is currently bothering me a lot:
    I can't create a pawn in the map that actually does something. I placed pathnodes around it. But it remains completely still, it doesn't turn, it doesn't try to find it's own way, it doesn't do anything.

    Since it is used in Unreal and Unreal 2 I suppose this way should be able to work. I checked various things. Like if it has a controller and it appears so, at least there are 2 pawns in the map, and there a playercontroller ( me ) and an AIController ( probably the other guy ).

    Something I noticed to be pretty weird I think. There's loads of scipts using the TeamIndex, but when I try to get my own TeamIndex I get an "Accessed None". The Pawn in the map does not appear to have a playerreplicationinfo, I checked this in UT2k4 and Unreal2 and there they do have a replication info. But I don't know how important this is, and how to get one working for the pawn. In the postbeginplay() of class Controller it creates a playerreplicationinfo. but only if the pawn bIsPlayer = true.

    Must be a ****load of things I forgot to check out. So if anyone could help me started....

    - Xcal

    There is no AI in the runtime version of Unreal. Quite simply the bot does not go for anything cause it is brain dead


      Do the navigation points work ?
      as in; as soon I give the pawn a reason to move, will it move according to the paths ?


        You might be able to instruct the pawn to move to a cetain point using a certian animation. not 100% on this


          I would have thought there is some basic ai, but it won't do anything unless it's told to. By that I mean that the ai probably knows how to follow pathnodes but won't if it has no reason to. I'm just speculating here since I don't have experience with the runtime or with ai.