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Some problems with new weapon..

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    Some problems with new weapon..

    Hi everyone!
    I'm coding and modelling an emp gun for tall shadows on these forums right here and have 2 problems. a) I can't get my weaponclass into the list of the weaponsbase in UED, for leveldesigners.
    And b) my game crashes when opening up with my mutator saying it can't spawn the player 0_o
    I think it has something to do with the check replacement function in the mutators class which i haven't figured out right...
    i also don't know if i should use checkreplacement() or replacewith()
    to make my mut replacing the original pickupbase...
    Help Plz :>
    Everything else works just fine

    I had this problem a while ago, and found that I had to create a subclass of the normal weapon base with my custom weapon in the default properties:

    class myWeaponBase extends NewWeaponBase;
    I'm sure there's another way around it but I don't know it.


      *** PickupBase replacement:
      PickUpBases can not be replaced since bStatic=True is in the default properties and it can not be changed ingame, as far as I know. I have seen others trying to replace them with a mutator and getting errors. You can only hide and modify pickupbases, not replace them.

      *** Weapon Not showing up:
      I take it your weaponclass is extending the Weapon class?
      Also, are you opeing up your class.u file while inside UED, as it won't show up unless it's loaded by you, or you have placed it in the UT2004.ini file to load automatically. Even if you have the .UCL file, it still won't show up until you load the .U file.

      Just some thoughts.


        to the first poster : thx
        to the scnd:

        You can replace pickupbases or at least the weapon the base spawns :> I don't really want a replacement just another weapon showing up on a particular type of bases. And... well the weaponbase on her own, is for leveldesigners, so that they can add my weapon to their levels.

        And ye it's not showing up, i've not loaded up the .u file but i've made some other smaller weapon muts in the past too, and those aren't showing up either :>

        My greatest problem is though, that the game crashes with my mutator on, saying it can't spawn the player. I really don't know why...

        //edit: and why shouldn't my new weaponbase be placeable? I mean the original weaponbase class is placeable, is it inherited too when i make a subclass of it?
        //edit2: ye i don't know that really.. but however it was the reason for the crash :/ still...
        what should i use replacewith() or checkreplacement?