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    Side scroller camera

    So I've practive tutorials and I'm ready to start onto work for a little mod idea: a 2-d Mario stype side-scroller.

    What I'm having trouble with isn't the knowing the syntax etc but getting an idea of where to start which is hard to get from tutorials etc. So I have a few questions:

    For keeping everything 2D whats my best bet here? Locking the z-value of all vectors and designing the levels around that? What about if I want to have a little depth say you're scrolling along and moveout a little (camera moves to follow)? I just want to make sure I don't have AI trying to walk in a 3D path for a game designed around 2D movement same with modifying player movement to reflect the new enviroment.

    Speaking of the camera where do I start for editing that? All these mods and tutorials seem to be for FPS-style mods so none take into account changing the camera. I guess it'll be as simple as keeping centred on the player.

    I'm guessing the level system will be designed by building a lvel and 'chopping' the side off that the camera stays in, thats the best I can come up with.

    Thanks in advance

    Obviously you will have to totally eliminate either X or Y axis for 2D, unless you want some or little 3D, which you will then need to limit that by keeping check of it.

    As for the camera, you can lock the camera position with a few lines of code, and if you are ignoring either X or Y axis, the camera will follow your 2D movement, EG; like strafing left or right while in beindview mode.

    There are many Camera functions in the PlayerController which allow you to do anything with the camera view, distance, rotation, location, etc. Since you want a 2D environment, I guess bBehindView=True would alway be set, which means most camera movement will be automatic, you just need to set it's location and view angle I guess.