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Trying to create my own directory....

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    Trying to create my own directory.... we go...

    I'm trying to place all the files into their own directory structure. I've followed the on-line tuts for how ta do it, but for soem reason I'm having a problem when I try to open my maps that I put in my maps folder. It gives me a error of "bad name index 4684/1958" whenever I open the file in unreal ed and in the game the file just dosen't come up. It says somethign about a corrupted instillation or overheating, but I know this can't be it becuase as soon as I put the map back into the normal directory structure and remove all the **** I did, the map works fine.

    I hope soemone can help with this, becuase I'm totally at my wits end about this thing!
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    If I understand what you are trying to do, its simple.
    Edit your UT2004.INI file and add this in the [Core.System]


    'CustomMaps' being the folder in the UT2004 folder like g:\UT2004\CustomMaps\

    I have this and it works fine, you shouldn't get any errors.


      Hmmm...I'm not sure that's what I'm trying ta do...I'm trying to do soemthing like this:

      Modifying the UT2004 would be kinda outside what I'm trying to do. I'm trying to make a structure that sits on top of UT so I don't have to do stuff like that. Of course, I did modify my custom INI to include the path to my custom maps folder inside my mod.

      I think it might have somrhting to do with the level being tied to a previous custom game type. Basically, I was testing out the custom game type in a separate folder, like a mod. Then I decided to move it over to a separate directory structure. Once I did that, some of my maps started having problems. It was when I deleted all the stuff form my custom game type that the error started coming up...especially when I tried to open it in UnrealEd. In the game it just dosen't come up. Could it be that the maps are still soemhow linked to my custom game type?


        If you have actors in your maps that are from packages that you've deleted, your maps are going to freak out when you try to open them. It sounds like this is what you're doing.


          Good point. But I think that if an actor isn't there that it gives that "box" error message when you open the map, just saying that such and such actor is missing.

          Anyways, I think that's a good place to start so I'll go check it out.


            Have you set this up in your default.ini?
            I know I was having some trouble with my maps directory until I did that...


              Yes I did put those in there.


                Okay. I think I have som inkling of what's going on. The map has some kind of dependency to a previous game type I created. Wehn I put in a back-up of that gametype, I was able to open the map. I removed that gametype from the levelproperties and from zoneInfo (I was trying to use custom zones). I thought that would do it, but it seemed that the dependency was still there. It's weird. If I open the file in textpad, I can even see the former gametype in there, but through the GUI I can't seem to find it. Is there soem kind of inheret dependency that happens when you set the custom gametype or soemthing?