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Gun muzzle flashing bug

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    Gun muzzle flashing bug

    Im running out of time for our mod is shedualed to be released soon and I cant figure out how to fix this one bug, let alone why/what is causing it to happen. In a nutshell, we have made the UT99 Domination gametype for UT2004. The problem is that randomly when a control point is captured the players gun shows the muzzle flash like when it is fired. But no bullet actualy comes out, and no sound. It looks like the player just fired off one round even tho the player did not. Below is a screen shot of it happening. (note the problem is not limited to only at a control point, it can happen at any other point in the map)

    While I am not allowed to give out the code for the mod (until its release) I can tell you that it does have alot of the code from UT99 updated for 2k4. The main class extends TeamGame and the ControlPoint extends from xDomPoint. It has a combination of UT99 control point code and 2k4's xDomPoints code.

    Does anyone have any idea why or what maybe causing this problem? Any suggestions on how to fix?

    Without seeing some code I doubt you'll get much of a response. You say it happens when a control point is captured right? Find the code that handles that and follow and see what it does to the Player. Maybe its resetting something and causing the gun to fire. Or perhaps you have an errant line of code somewhere thats calling the animations explicitly. You did say your porting a lot of UT-99 code maybe you copied this line by accident. Find the function name which plays the fire animation and search for it in your source code.

    Again sorry I can't help more, but if your having trouble finding the bug with the source.....its gonna be 10 times harder for us to help you without it.


      check your code (namely the code that happens when the control point is captured) and check it for ThirdPersonEffects() (im pretty sure thats the right function). also check for anything that might call that function, etc. thats the best anyone can say, without specifically knowing.


        Heh I found the cause of it. Kinda funny actualy, once I removed the following from my class that extends from xGame.xDomPoint,
        function UpdateStatus()
            // send the event to trigger related actors
            foreach DynamicActors(class'Actor', A, ControlEvent)
                A.Trigger(self, ControllingPawn);
        it fixed the problem!

        I have removed that from the mod, now will having that no longer cause mappers problems? Even tho I am not even really using this, or even using the xDomMonitor, is this going to cause more problems then it is solving?

        BTW the mod I have been working on is Classic Domination for UT2k4. Based on the original Domination game in UT99.