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Mod Support - No Gametype?

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    Mod Support - No Gametype?

    I know there are some other threads on this, but I couldn't find any that solved this for me. Here's what I've got..

    I have a custom gametype extending bombing run that shows up fine if I run it from ut2004/system and just add the ServerPackages line. However, when I put it in the mod structure, my gametype doesn't show up on the list.

    My GameType:
    class MyGame extends xBombingRun;
         GameName="My Gametype"
         Description="My Gametype"
    I set the map prefix to ctf just so I'd KNOW there were some maps for it. I even copied a ctf map into my mod's maps directory just to be double-sure. I've extracted the .ucl for this as well, and it is in MyMod/System/.

    And my default.ini:
    I've noticed that the ServerPackages line (and others) get put at the end of their respective heading, rather than after the other ServerPackages. I manaully fixed that in MyMod.ini and it still didn't show up on the list.

    Any ideas? Thanks!

    This seemed to do it, though it also creates considerable map clutter in MyMod/System. That could probably be fixed with some - lines though.



      Ok, there's a problem with this.

      Now, I can load maps in ut2004/maps/ just fine, but when I try to load a map that's in MyMod/Maps, hitting "play" just doesn't do anything (it makes the boomp sound, but that's it). Then, when I exit UT2004, I get a GPF. Wheee...

      This is what the logs say:
      Log: The file '../MyMod/System/MGT-test.ucl' contains unrecognizable data

      Again, the things works fine if it's in the UT2004/maps directory, and I've deleted the .ucl to let it get re-built after I moved it.

      Any ideas?


        Thats because it sounds like your partialy trying to use the "Improved Mod Support" feature.

        Improved Mod Support (Unreal Developer Network)

        That is really for full and partial conversions type mods. A gametype that really changed alot of the game, like TacOps in UT99. But for a simple new game type that basicly extends from an existing one, I dont really see the need for the improved mod support. I recently have helped create a new game type for 2k4, Classic Domination (due to be released within the next week or two). During development, I didnt use that mod system. just compile the code and leave the compiled output file in your system dir. No need to move it around, or move around anything else (maps, textures, etc). You will need a .ucl file of it, to get it to show up in Instant Action or from the Server Browser game type list. Just leave everything where it is and run the game normaly.

        BTW Unless you want to run it on a server, you do not need to add to to the ServerPackages list. But Im pretty sure that its required that you will have to add your mod to the EditPackages list in your ut2004.ini, for it to compile. After compiling that line can be removed.


          Well, yeah, I was using the mod support intentionally. What I'm doing is enough of a change to warrant it. In addition, if all mods used this system, it would be a breeze to deal with any number of mods on a ut2004 install. When some of them are in the system directory, with lines in the ini files and such, it gets to be a hassle. Aside from this little catch, the mod support is really easy to set up and there's really no reason not to use it if you're making any signficant changes. Now what they need is a way to keep mutators clean like this, or to uninstall them from the mutator select screen. :P

          Anyway, I solved the problem like so:

          in default.ini:
          That just loads your cache stuff first, and then puts the defaults back in. You can also include:
          if your gametype uses its own maps, and that will stop all the extra .ucl files from appearing in your MyGame/System directory.